What do we offer

What do we offer?

We conduct research and development works which help to develop or improve existing innovative technologies and products.

The STB innovation centre renders research and development services in regard to the following areas:

  • Energy, including renewable energy sources
  • Cosmetics
  • Biotechnology
  • Food industry
  • Construction industry
  • Plastics
  • New technologies and technological solutions
  • Medical science
  • Pharmaceutical industry

We carry out research and analyses, the goal of which it is to develop innovative technologies.

Most of them touch on the subject of digestate and biogas fermentation on the basis of research done under real-life conditions.

Why us?

We specialise in research which helps to develop new technologies and products. Thanks to the fact that we conduct research under real-life conditions we aid in the development and optimisation of various processes.

Your research will be conducted with the support of scientists who are experienced in a given field. Of course, we also have our own, modern laboratories.

  • Our experienced management team is highly successful in the field of economics, including the development of start-ups.

  • Our research team is fully qualified and experienced and includes scientists with international scientific achievements. Our team gained its extensive knowledge both in Polish and foreign academic units.

  • We have a network of business contacts and research partners, thanks to which research support is always within your grasp.

  • Our research centres let us conduct research in real-life conditions.

  • The services we offer are comprehensive, i.e. the research is continuous and conducted at all stages.

  • We offer attractive prices and help you to acquire external funding for the commissioned research and analyses.

  • The effectiveness of our actions results from our wide experience.

  • We put strong emphasis on the protection of the intellectual property rights of our customers.

We will gladly advise you in regard to supporting your project. For more details – please call or email us.

All the research in one place

Below you will find examples of research and development works. The STB innovation centre stands out on the market due to the complexity of the research it conducts and the solutions it provides. Our team is highly experienced in their respective fields and we have built an extensive network of Business partners.

Renewable energy sources sector

  • Development of a biogas fermentation technology based on research carried out under real-life conditions

  • Development of an improved technology for biomass fuel production

  • Development of a digestate application technology

  • Development of technical parameters for the installation of biogas technology together with biomass granules production technology

  • Development of a biogas technology which enables the optimal use of digestate

  • Development of a technology for the production of pellets from micronised digestate

Cosmetics and pharmaceuticals

  • Development of a method for the biosynthesis and separation of unique osmoprotectants characterised by a low number of particles, which has a broad application potential.
  • The impact AKG holds over our mental and physical performance as well as over the flexibility of our blood vessels

Rearing of animals and animal nutrition

  • Development of a nutritional product to be used in animal nutrition which solves the problem of intrauterine growth retardation in regard to hogs.

Industrial sector

  • Development of a renovation window system

  • Development of a technology for the production of cobblestones which are more durable and have a higher aesthetic value

  • Development of a technology for the production of industrial foil

  • Development and construction of a prototype technology for the pre-treatment of fruit

Our scientific partners are available to you

We have the possibility of conducting research in many different fields. If necessary, we can rely on the support of our partners at extremely short notice.

We have created an invaluable system of research and scientific partnership. We work closely with numerous specialists, scientists and institutions, the list (which it is still under development) can be found here.