We conduct research and development works which contribute to the prosperity of the economy and society.

Social responsibility constitutes an important element of our activities.

We believe that succeeding in business is not enough. Truly positive social changes may be introduced only by running one’s business in a responsible manner.

At the STB innovation centre, our organizational culture is based on trust, responsibility and, most importantly, on solutions which are transparent to all stakeholders.

We are committed to the idea of open dialogue and to conduct our business in a sustainable manner.

Investors and clients, employees, local communities – each party can have a real impact on business decisions that contribute to positive changes. Therefore, we are open and ready for dialogue.

We have been specialising in Renewable Energy Sources for almost 10 years now. We are aware of the importance of developing solutions which positively impact natural resources. We generate electric power from Renewable Energy Sources. Thanks to that, we reduce the emission of pollutants resulting from the production of energy. As part of our research and development activities we develop innovative renewable energy technologies for our investors. We keep a close eye on the technological innovations in this field and participate in respective trade shows and industry conferences.
In our activities, we take public interest into account. Not only do we develop new products and services, we also strive to improve our relationships with others. We conduct our business in a socially responsible manner in a way that is beneficial to others, allows for sustainable development and does not infringe upon human rights. We know how important it is to build a positive image in the eyes of one’s contractors and public offices as well as of the local community, because it translates into a long-term collaboration with business partners and creates a positive atmosphere for carrying out business operations within local administrations and societies.
Our employees are the most valuable assets of our company. They constitute the company’s “knowledge” and it is they who decide on its possibilities for creating and implementing innovative solutions. That is why we make our best effort to identify and aid our staff in developing their natural talents or predispositions. We grow and are allowed to grow, because such activities bring benefits in the form of various creative and innovative ideas. This in turn expands the knowledge, professional skills and communication skills of our employees, which is obviously crucial for the implementation of our economic goals. The quality and durability of our employees’ relations are a key factor in assessing the strength and the potential of our company. Employees work better and are more satisfied job-wise when they have the opportunity to work in a kind and friendly atmosphere. We are fully aware of the fact that an employee who is satisfied in his personal life performs his duties in a more professional manner. This is why we are open to any and all initiatives by our employees which are intended to harmonically combine a fulfilling family life and an exciting professional one.

We will gladly advise you in regard to supporting your project. For more details – please contact us.